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Client Accolades

Back in 1963-1968 when I was working for TWA Trans World Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in Chicago and Detroit, I would often receive complimentary notes of "Thanks" from my clients for what I had done in making their trips enjoyable.  Now that I am developing the work of Best Mission Travel I want to pass along to you some of the comments that have come my way since early this year.


"For getting a mother and her children from Zimbabwe to Chicago: "Thanks to you and your good prices, my church had an extra $1,050.= that is helping the family settle in to life in America."  J.R.-Illinois

"Then from the husband and father: David, I am writing to inform you that my family arrived safely from Zimbabwe.  We are so excited to be together again.  Thank you for a job well done."  F.H.

"A family from the USA to Bangkok: "David is quoting a very good price.....buying the tickets through David is the best." R.P.-California

"A family from Colorado to Kinshasa: "I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your expert help at getting us here to Kinshasa!  Everything went like clockwork.  I remember telling D. after we checked into Jo'burg Sunday morning, It's so nice to have our travel arrangements so well in order.  We are HUGE fans of Best Mission Travel.  You named it well.  We are passing on your name, number, & email to as many people as we can."  K.C.

"A lady from the USA to West Africa: "You and your consolidator man are truly miracle workers!  Thanks again, so much!"  V.I.

"A couple from California flying to Europe: "Our travel was so well planned by Best Mission Travel and we loved the good service that BA gave us."

"Flying to South America: "We made our own plans with Delta but your price was much better."  R.B.

"Flying to West Africa: "Thank you, once again, for all of your kindness and assistance.  We feel that plans are in good shape and we can now get our visas.  My sister wanted your contact information so she could give it to another missionary......I told her how pleased we were with your services.....Blessing to you and your family and your business."  J.B.

"Thanks again for all the work that you have done for us.  We really appreciate not having to haggle with an airline."  N.M. 

"Thanks so so much David! You have been such a blessing! We look forward to working with you more on future arrangements!  May Jesus bless your holiday time too!!!"


"My travel agent, David, at Best Mission Travel is awesome. He has managed to make lemonade out of the sour lemons created in my part of the world...we are on schedule to return home Oct 31 with our new family of four!" R.M. Ė Uganda

"Thanks again for all of your help." Kate S. Ė South Africa

"As always, thank you so much for your work - I cannot express how much I appreciate you and am grateful for your skills!" J.M. - Uganda

"Your genius is unbounded. Oh Master of the air currents." July 2011 - L.P. - Congo

"Thanks so much for all your work. Truly 10 out of 10 for your customer service." D.H. Albania

"You are indeed a miracle worker! This looks great and the price is wonderful." V.I.

"GOD BLESS YOU and all the STRATEGIC people you have built relationships with over the years!" A.H. - California


"To David and the Best Mission Travel Team....we have felt incredibly blessed by your service to us; through all the ups & downs & crazy circumstances you were there for us, going above & beyond in your level of care & concern." J&K D. - Hungary

"I just want you to know how much we appreciate your ministry. You have always been thorough, timely, accessible and sensitive to our ever changing situation." John S. - Kentucky

"It would be very nice if all travel agents were as conscientious as you are." K.N., Kinshasa, Congo

"Wow, David, Godís richest blessings on you. You will never know the relief you have given to so many people so many times taking the headache of travel off their shoulders. When I heard what our son was dealing with, just last night at supper God said to me, Ask Dave Lundblad to help. And you have once again come thru. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Iím so glad you are still there working for Godís people! I thought maybe you were retired but I guess old missionaries never retire, they just find something more to do. Again thanks for your great efficient work. I guess after doing this for more than 45 years, you kinda know what you are doing!! Blessings on you, big time!" J&D Erickson Ė Wisconsin



"My thanks to you, David, for working on all this. This definitely confirms that your group is so efficient and helpful and should be our consistent partner in the future. Therefore, I know you are the best! Thank you, again." Bruno - Michigan

"Thanks for a great trip so far! Itís been amazing. Your help and planning has been outstanding. Everything has gone like clockwork. From flights on time to easy connections. I was most impressed with SN Brussels Airlines..." K&L Murray - Texas



"David, I really appreciate all that you have done to help me with this trip to Africa. I feel blessed that the details continue to fall into place and that the trip is becoming a reality! You have had a major part in making this possible. I am grateful for your expertise! It is your gift to the rest of us!" JTB - Michigan



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